Power Lunch by alex kinnan

By Alex Kinnan

Wellness and Responsibility are nothing without Excellence. I suspect that this earnest young man not only knew this as he integrated his foodstuffs into a thoughtfully planned and decisively executed program for consumption, but that his appetite was ravenous from all the dynamic synergies he had leveraged that day.

I apologise for the blurriness of the photo, but when paradigms are being shifted so near to where I am, I tend to get all nervous and stuff.


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I'm truly surprised the brilliance of his message didn't over-expose your film - were you using an ND filter?

I've always found the term, "wellness", funny. And I've thankfully thwarted any additional anagram-humor of my own.

This dude must be wearing some sort of future-shirt, as Spell Check has successfully placed these misspelled words in it's custom, red, highlighted font. Nothing a few backspaces can't fix.

I always wondered what "POWER" stood for. For some reason, I thought the "P" stood for "proctology."

"...were you using an ND filter?"

No, this was taken in Sioux Falls, so I would have been using a state-authourised "SD" filter.

It took me a long time to realise that "wellness" was not only a real word, but one that was used often and with a great degree of seriousness.

Reps. Next time ask him about reps.

Dude! I am so glad I found this picture!! It's so funny because there was a guy I used to live near who wore shirts like this and liked those posters too!!



I was fixing to ask him about the "reps" but right after I took the picture he started blasting his hammies and I didn't want to disturb him.


I feel the burn. yeah.

PS- Weaver, my captcha was "Gould Rules" - which we all know to be true...long live FNM.

DHL: You should really get that burn checked out. You haven't been posting in some time, so I'll blame that burn of yours. You should talk to a pharmacist.

Gould Rules, indeed. RIP FNM.

Strangely enough, re-CAPTCHA, or as I call it, re-CAPTCHA-CHA BENNY says, Lanza Vienna. Mario Lanza doesn't rule so much, though.

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