Infestation by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Yet again, the mountain failed to read the label on the eggs he was eating. Sickness and a multitude of pink, large-footed birds followed in the wake of his gluttony. (Illustration Friday, theme: fail)

I wasn't sure I'd be able to tackle this project as my wife had an unforeseen medical emergency which put her in the hospital overnight earlier this week. Luckily, she's OK.



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This one reminds me of a Muppets sketch for some reason...
Thems birds is crazy!!

ReCaptcha: John Leninist (!)

I likes how the one jaggedy line looks like it is representing a big ol' sound wave coming out of one bird's beak and/or mouth.

Also worth giving you some "ups" for is the sense of depth of the mouth birds and the feeling of weight in the stepping bird's frozen goose-step.

I'm pleased to hear Mrs. Your Wife is doing better and I hope the mountain gets to feel better too, someday; especially if it is to ever get those Duke boys.

And I even like the colours!

Awww yea', I am big into grumpy mountains! : ) Nice work

Poor birds!!! You are a bad mountain!!CONGRATULATIONS!!

fantastic illo! love the color choices and the big feet!

So great illo! I love the characters, the colors, the style...

The lime green tongue is strikingly wonderful, as are the birds, which I think are quite joyful and oblivious to the mountain's trouble, well, except for the ones hiding out in its mouth! Really nice work. Glad to hear your wife is ok.

another imaginative piece, chris! i find the little birds very cute but the mountain must be tired of them running around by now. lol

good to know that your wife is okay now :)

Yeah, birds hatched out all over the place, but it was sooooooooooooo worth it.

I hope your wife is all recovered! This is the cutest case of food poisoning I ever saw

omg chris, too wonderful!! i love the pink birds!! poor mr. mountain, that'll teach him! my post has pink too..."has u seen it? let me sho u it..."

oooh, and best wishes to your wife for a speed recovery!!

a : )

This is hilarious and I love it! The colors are gorgeous. Love your humor :)

Hahaha... I love the characters and your style! Wonderful work! :D

this is awesome!

Love the illustration. The shapes and style are very appealing. The expressions are great, too.

Very creative and awesomely illustrated!

Wonderfully absurd.

Teresa: I'm glad the obliviousness of the birds came through. That's exactly what I was going for.

Thanks to everyone for the comments and the well-wishes for Adriana. She's doing much better.

another awesome pic...really like the solid character designs you come up with...I guess birds aren't as bad as the worms though...

I love the birds...
the expressions!
the colors!
Wonderfully weird!

Have a great day!

Me and that mountain have the exact same problem. Nice piece!

yo chris, cute psycho birds! hope A is ok, just emailed her to say Hi. Love from Scotland x

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