The Nest by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Don't you hate it when trees split your local office buildings in two? Don't you hate it when giant birds come to roost in your previously-respectable centers of business and commerce? And how about when said birds chomp your car? These are my pet peeves. (Illustration Friday -- theme: pet peeves)

You will probably best served viewing the larger image, which can be acquired by clicking this image:

Enjoy (or not, if you please)! Available, along with other drawings smithed by me, at my Imagekind store.


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A very good idea & a nice illustration !

Love your style - I like the transparent shadow effects.

This is one of my favorites. I love the idea, the depth, and the colors. Also, the top of the birds' heads remind me of bumper cars. Bonus.

wow! absolutely gorgeous image!

oh, i love the baby bird!! i actually wouldn't mind a tree growing in the middle of my house, but for the bugs! tres bien mon ami!

a : )

Love this!!! Style and colors are great!

Very fun illustration. Great concept. I really like it.

If you haven't licked both a car and a worm, you probably don't realize that cars taste like worms. It's not normally a problem for regular size birds.

This gigaquail will probly have a tough spot of indigestion, but nothing more. Unless it's diesel.

This is one of the top three now -- ees verry good. The colours make me think of things Old-Timey; the specifics of the scene itself make me think -- should make all of us think, of the very real dangers of science. It's almost sad to think that there may be scientists, right now, cooking up things like this in their morally void, federally funded labs.

Stem cells and renewable energy lead to giant car-eating birds. Thank you for reminding us of this very important lesson. And quite cleverly, too. Now let's us all finish our egg hunts and get out there and rough up some scientists! (Just make sure no one gets hurt.)

I guess you could call me a scientist, though I'm probably the least scientific scientist you'll ever come across. So I guess I'll be on the watch for some roughing ups in the following days.

Good pic, by the way. Though I like it, I think IAD should be RIP. Much better stuff with more time.

Rouge, Richard,Ellen, Marci, and Aspa: Thanks you!

Wargo and Alex: given the fact that you two guys are nearly polar opposites when it comes to taste, I deem this work a victory.

andi: the bugs aren't the only problem; think about all the protesters ("free the tree, man") and their potential lack of deodorant.

Ed: but if it's bio-diesel, it tastes like popcorn, right?

Weaver: IAD may, in fact, never return. I'm really liking this thing called time and the opportunities it presents.

Biodiesel can smell like popcorn, french fries, hot dogs, occasionally donuts, and sometimes a combination of those. Add some Beefeater gin to that, and you've got one of my favorite nightcaps, a Sweaty Turnbuckle.

Ecoprotestors are allowed to use deodorant as long as it's biodiesel. And although they can protest, at least they can't burn your house down if there's a tree in the middle of it. Make sure it's a relatively rare tree, though, like an American Chestnut, Redwood, Bristlecone pine, or Louisiana live oak.

aw, he's not a gigaquail, he's just big boned, poor my world, there are no protesters, and on second thought, i think the tree is full of ladybugs, the red native ones, not the orange imported ones...

S...Sweaty Turnbuckle!!?? *guffaws loudly* *snorts milk through nose* *wets pantaloons* !!! (O.M.G.)

Even if eco-protesters came at me with five dreadnoughts and a mixed flotilla of pocket-battleships, frigates, and triremes, I would fear them not one iota, were I ensconced securely 'pon the quarterdeck of that live oak-framed and planked queen of the seas, USS Constitution.

Were I merely "hanging out," perhaps in a mall, then I would probably be a little worried...

adorable. Your style is great!

As the days pass, I am digging those leaves more and more.

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