IAD 24: It's a Gas by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

A quick one, a bit darker and simpler than usual:

Medium: AI CS3


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This is a potent portent of the days of rage to come.

You may have chosen a more direct manner of spreading the Word than you have used in previous entries, but the net result is the same: A warning to the slumberers, slack-a-days, sous chefs, and sycophants has been slapped down like a pair of leather driving gloves after a flawless moonlight run in God's own turbo GT Type-R.

Satisfaction lifts the heart even as Truth and other gasses creep in under the door. The gasses are not all as good as the vicars and medicine men would tell us; the red hot bloom of what's realer than real obscures all in a moment.

Gas mask? Check. Survival knife on a giant straw? Check. The Brother has left the bush to stand and deliver. He may be Anglican, but his rage and his truths are catholic.


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