IAD 23: Rude Awakening by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Near, far. Near, far. I guess I like the whole "wide-angle" dynamic.

Medium: AI CS3


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I quite like the colour palette in this one, though I'm not sure if I like the message. Is this meant to represent those many times in my own life when I have been the Sleepy White Apple, drooling 'pon my branch even as the Master Of The Harvest creeps up in his Harris Industries Mark XIV HandiPediCrane?

Ask not for whom the HPC grabs, it grabs for thee...

Also, I like your choice of typeface for the snoozy zeds.

You do seem to have a way of working the wide-angle all good-like -- you may be more a 12-24 guy than a 70-300 guy.


That's a Mark XIII. It's in the feet, man, the feet.

Sorry, my mistake. I'm always overlooking foot shape and dash trim. Irregardless, it is still a fearsome construct; an HPC almost always makes my trousers fill with HBP...


I rikey this ones velly much, chief!

Because, you must see, we in Japan will make harvests of all our apples some day rike this!

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