IAD 14: Baninja by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Illustration a day continues with BANINJA.

Textures: PS CS3
Illustration: AI CS3


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A technical and artistic tour de force for Lev!

If you look at it long enough, it looks likes this Baninja is leaping from inside of the screen (or "display") for to even get to THE OUTSIDE of the "display" (or "monitor")!

He boldly levies his hard brand of justice with the nunchaku made from the handle bars of his deceased sensei's beach cruiser.

He is a mighty foe, this Baninja, born and bread to shake things up. He fosters respect in comrade and adversary alike. Even when facing really tough opponents, like robots and stuff, he stands firm, never splits.

His sense of honour assures his appeal across all races, classes, castes, and target-market groups. He is rich in potassium and occasionally travels in the company of either a big ol' nasty spider or Harry Belafonte.

For reasons still unknown, whenever he gets really worked-up and his power levels exceed any previously known or seen, a giant, seemingly endless serape appears behind him. As this is typically more than a little distracting to his enemies, he totally puts up with it.

The only dark spot on his record was when he tried to infiltrate a ring of corrupt circus monkeys, hiding himself in the exhaust port of their giant novelty conveyance. Little did he know that they was down and weren't gonna' fall for no banana in their tailpipe.

All yellow or flecked with brown, man?

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