IAD 13: Get More Pie by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Request filled:

I didn't comply 100% with Alex's original request ("I request a picture of an astronaut with space-rockets lined up for launch behind him, and behind them, a blue sky. The astronaut should also be holding a fresh, hot pie of some sort. Maybe there should be bikini-clad graduate students reflected in his visor, washing an official NASA pie truck."), but I dare say I improved on it. You be the judge.

Medium: AI CS3 (but of course!)


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Oh yeah! You did mines!!


Also, it's very nice, though I do, in a way, wish you had done space rockets instead of space rocket, because now I fear that this great astronaut's space friends have left him behind, with only the ship's delicious pie as consolation...

If he is on Mars, then he may be alone, and that is very sad. But if he is in the desert, it may not be much better, for he may now have to fight his way through a sea of angry Berbers -- not an easy task with the additional pressure of a sun-baked Vampyre Pac-Man shadowing him.

Oh! But wait! Have I let my natural pessimism cloud the truth from mine eyes? For it is only now, at the end of this comment, that I see the inverted champagne bottle on his chest plate and have taken note of the kind of pie he holds...

I pray that my guesses are true and that he will be saved by a squadron of drunk spacemen who jam freely to the music of Warrant and will lay down some smack in that region unlike any since Eaton and his motley crew of Greeks, Marines, and Musulmen did during the Battle of Derna in 1805...

...spacemen who jam freely to the music of Warrant...

That would put a smile on my face that, if measured, would be exactly ten miles wide. In fact, something of this sort might even make a grown man cry.

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