King Gut

By Chris Leavens

Maybe he's talking to The Gracklecleaver?


I looked at the pic super-fast, and I didn't think that was his gut.

I know, eh? I thought the same thing, too, after giving it a quick initial look.It does make one wonder, then, what the convo twixt this gut king and ye Gracklecleaver could have been about..."You must come quickly, for the Beast of Pantaloonia has been roused from its slumbers below. It has nearly reached the First Mark and flags not. Should it reach the Fifth Mark, then it most surely will cause much gawking and tittering when I present my Rural Land Reform agenda at today's conference. You must deliver a message to that damnable Wizard Enzyte... Tell him he has won our wager -- that I indeed wished for more than I could handle..."

These anachronistically challenged characters are a hoot. The sunglasses are a nice touch, as well.

"I thwart you, mighty Phoenix, lest you remove my eye-shields! But fair warning to you, fiery bird! Enter this sacred ground of Wares and Wisdom and you shall feel the full wrath of the Fellowship! Alas, there is another who wishes council. I grant too many an audience! We shall resume this within a fortnight's time, bird of the Heavens!........What? Kings never wore pants in these times, officer."

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