Another Book Update by Weaver

By Weaver

A whole book thing is moving along swimmingly, it seems. There's the cover!

All that is left for me is to do another edit, make any necessary corrections and wait. The way everything is formatted looks good and crispy. And as it stands, it is 449 pages long, because everyone knows that 450 pages is tacky. I'm not sure when it will be ready to ship out, but I'm guessing one to two months? Anyway, the pen name.....well, some dude writes vampire novels that is also called Weaver. I was almost named Madison, so there.


Oh yeah, the big 'W' has a dual meaning. 2 W's in the title, and it also stands for waffles, which are delicious. Oh, and Weaver.


If I wrote a book, I'd want to be Lexington Jeffrey IV....or maybe "The Recliner Christ".

Congratulations, that's awesome.

I think it would have been awesome if your pen name was "Tom Weaver, but not the Vampire One." Or just "Weaver." Or "Tom Weaver the Better." Everyone knows that other Tom Weaver is a stupid Tom Weaver.

I like the simplicity of the cover. It actually looks sort of contrarian; a big, stoic green "W" in stencil typeface comes across as being very serious, whereas the title offers something very different. W!

Something about seeing the cover makes it all seem real. Congratulations Weaver. I would suggest adding "ii" after the "W." That way, idiots like me will wait in the Circuit City parking lot for 2 hours before it opens with a opinionated 50 year old chain smoker named Betty just to get a copy. Oh, and I think Madison Thomas is a porn name.

Spiffy. The big green "W" is, and must surely stand for, "Way-cool."I dig the hard-boiled photo on the back.Were it the book of the movie "Black Knight" (starring Martin Lawrence), then the "W" would probably stand for "Waay back," because that's how far back in time Martin's character went.

I did a quick Google search and found no porn thespian by that name. Perhaps one will surface in the future and we'll become buddies (hopefully a female, because I don't need to hang around a porno dude).

The "ii" is a cool ploy, but I'm banking on the legions of fans of the mini-series "V" to buy the book thinking that it is some sort of sequel. The Wu-Tang "W" was pondered for a second, too.

Any Club 11's on the horizon? Transformers, perhaps?

Don't rush to judgment; if it's a porno dude, then a little of the hanging out and/or around might net you the supreme boon of getting to borrow his Trans-Am.Good call on angling for "V" mini-series fans -- they tend to be a bit more sophisticated than fans of the full series.

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