Western Ave. 8: Taco's El Patio by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

This is the final official installment of my Western Avenue photo series. I may post a collection of odds and ends, but this is the last of the good ones.

Taco must be proud of his fine patio. Although the patio isn't really shaped like the twelfth letter of the alphabet, but its tortilla-wrapped goodies do its namesake justice.


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Elpatioan tacos are very good. Many people have forgotten about the Elpatioans and the tragedy of their epic fight against the armies of a Mexican-food starved Rome. When HBO finally does a mini-series based on the struggle, then everything will be totally "right on."

If by patio you mean the seating area, it does seem L-shaped from this picture. Unless some unseen leg of the seating area makes it a C.

That being resolved, I'm not sure I was ready for the mental collision that is a smiling red chili pepper with a sombrero whose name is "Taco".

"When HBO finally does a mini-series based on the struggle..."

They already hit on this in The Sopranos. Big Pussy was an Elpatioan and it greatly influenced many key plot points in season three. Get with the times, pal.

"Unless some unseen leg of the seating area makes it a C."

The primary patio is reached if you walk into the photograph, pass the gum-ball machines, and head for the back. If this was a print photo, not a digital representation, you'd be able to flip it over and see the back of the place. It's a small, rectangular seating area about as wide as the front patio and it's covered overhead by a translucent blue-green tarp. Sunlight passing through the tarp casts gentle, cool light on the Virgin Mary statue in the patio's northwest corner.

But you'll just have to imagine it for now because you can't flip the photo over and you're not in Los Angeles.


El Patio Tacos and San Dimas High School football rule.

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