Ten Million Feet by Alex Kinnan

By Alex Kinnan

Realising I couldn't compete with Chris's graffiti picture in quality, I scoured the city to find that which would enable me to try and match it with sheer quantity...


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Hey thanks for 1-upping me yet again. First the mauve Bugatti, then the tattoo in the shape of a birthmark, now this? Rub it in a little more, Kinnan.

Oh, now I'm the bad guy? Umm, you seem to be the one here who mentioned the Bugatti but "somehow" managed to not mention that it rolls on chrome dub deuces, yo.

But that's aight, it's cool. It's, ah, All Good. Blah, blah, blah, etc... Rims.

Impossible. There could not be so much graffiti. I, Stavros, have said this.

Hovik has wait for more Stavros to tell I hate. I hate.

Stavros is still here and is still me. As him (Stavros!) I am make some more angry by all of it from Hovik especial, but also am made to forgive because of wordings in Bible he is made to read by his wife (Stavros Wife).

If Stavros Wife make to disappear with hers selfs and Bible, then Hovik may feel from mad fist of Stavros or others even.

Others from village even.

And love this Bible more! Hovik ontop Ararat now even with Centrino and Intel inside praying that to rite the Jesus make Stavros into best man, but Hovik is not believe. Hovik can doesnt see a percent Jesus into the Starvos soul. Starvos soul is most percent dark soul with devils loving.

Stavros like:

- The Levis Jeans so tight and the ladies eyes in his rear.

- Man scent call "Goat" to smell like goat mountain. Hovik sister tells, "Oh Stavros he sex. He smell so goat and rear is shine. Sex, sex."

- Put angry into Hovik by making crazy with his sex Levis and man scent the seven Hovik sister.

Stavros needs shame in read the Jesus, no walking in the Jesus. Shame Stavros. I hate.


It makes sad for Stavros that Bible of Stavros Wife (and Stavros!) have some, even Jesus, making loud bellows for not to be with the angry fist. Sad because Stavros will have much percentages of styles of Jesus in him self some time and then can not be with making angry fists at all or ever.

This is be called sad because before there are such percentages of Jesus, there is many time for Stavros to make hard petting of Hovik with angry fist while Bible and Stavros Wife in cave or operating locks for canal.

Dark soul with the devils is Stavros!!?? But yet who is computing on dead body of Arafat now? Stavros tight Levis jeans are never sit on Palestinians alive ones or dead even. Shame Hovik then!! Yes!! Shame. Not believe Stavros, not liking Goat he buy for Stavros during Ice Wagon Festival.

Stavros try for to unread some parts of Stavros Wife (and Stavros!) Bible so to maybe he can hate Hovik and Hovik village.


Hovik sister really liking Stavros rear shine..?


"WTF..?" so,,.. this the boy comes to pilkevi and tells... PAPA YOU ARE HAVING ANGRY IN FIST FOR ..,. STAVROS! aND VILLAGE ULPEV ...!!

...i put eye on boy and put eye long... and tiny hovik keeps every angry... this crooked way to take pilkevi away from his many profiting inter net poker web site......! i work with most pilkevi hours to get down this winning formula for the best poker profiting.., and the one who takes is stavros... !

this is'not a "LOL'.... this is a real from pilkevi to stavros and dirt village uplev with there tightest levis and stinking fur of chest... do no more molest the boy... do never more take pilkevi seven daughter eyes and put to hard and shined behind part....11!!!


See how Hovik boy whines ever to papa! Now goat (not one in bottle, but real) is out of paddock on this matters.

Stavros want never not for angry Pilkevi, even respecting for him (Pilkevi) because of Website of Pilkevi that make for Stavros so much of money for to buy Levis jeans (for Stavros!) and fancy knit Bible cozy for Bible of Stavros Wife (and Stavros!).

But now Pilkevi makes angry and seeming at Stavros even. All because the boy says he had molest from Stavros!!?? Ha! Here is where the goat is eaten the true facts! Hovik is say of molest by Stavros, when Hovik even tell on this internet place he sat ON TOP OF dead Fatah leader. Any molest due then from body stiff, not Stavros!

Maybe if Pilkevi use his profits for to buying of Bibles, like Bible of Stavros Wife (and Stavros!), and make read by seven daughter and one Hovik, then Stavros does not have to dream about making wild fists at Hovik or even Pilkevi and can play more time on Website of Pilkevi.

Even greatest idea is now this: Pilkevi can take field-beast-cart to Uplev village and make borrow of Bible of Stavros Wife (and Stavros!). He so much seem to need or want Jesus words in his own village and hut that he can make this borrow for as very long time as he want. Sooner is better.

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