Sicks Months by Katy Kirkpatrick

By Katy Kirkpatrick

This one was submitted by an Unloosen reader, Katy Kirkpatrick from the great state of Pennsylvania. Welcome to the Unloosen fold, Katy. -Chris

This is a representation of a true, central-Pennsylvanian, Coal Region gem. After months of driving past it and laughing to myself each time, I decided one day the time had come to pull off the side of the road and make record of this spectacle.


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It's true, they say -- the Sicks Months really are much like, perhaps truly even the "same as" cash, what with all the atoms of unspeakable yuckiness that a typical carrying-size quantity of cash-money has these days. Yes, the Sicks Months are similar to many things, but if they they are the same as anything, it is truly the cash.

The spelling on this sign is disturbing me almost to the point of insanity.... There. I am insane now.

That is a clear example of what happens when you send the five year old spell checker off to Kindergarten. And when will the giant sign letter makers learn to include more than one X. Everyone knows you always loose the first X. They should not be held unaccountable.

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so judgemental. "Sicks" aside, one will notice on closer examination that those characters are really jacks of all trades: a 7 posing as an L, one or two 3s shining in their roles as Es, and look at that - a dollar sign breaking the $/S barrier.

"a dollar sign breaking the $/S barrier"

Cleverly used to enhance the word "CASH." Can't say this fellow was entirely brainless. He's probably smart enough to know that extra chances at winning the McDonald's Monopoly game are to be found in the trashcans surrounding America's favorite Scottish restaurant.

Barnes & Barnes actually have an album called Sicks. It was their sixth release.

And don't forget the W standing on its head to be an M.


Still, while the spelling is creative, it is still deplorable. As a 4-time elementary school spelling bee champion, I am apawled...;)

Miss Judy, Alfie, and Mr. Hooper are all rolling over in their graves right now.

I don't think Miss Judy is dead, so she may not be rolling over in her grave. But at the very least, if she is still alive, her ears are probably inexplicably bleeding.


Miss Judy, is, technically "alive". She's probably dead inside, though. She had a great gig going with the Hatchy Milatchy until she decided to snort that success right up her nose. (I'm feeding into urban legends, now...) I'll bet Hooper was a SodaHead, too...

"Miss Judy" will live forever as long as we, who don't know her, never forget the radiance of her brushed-steel skin, the majestic curve of her luminous dorsal crest, or the penetrating burn of her shoulder-mounted proto-cannon.


I can only hope to get sicks months same as ca$h on my next washer/drier purchase.

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