One City, One Eye Patch by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Red pirate mannequin? On what filth-ridden vessel does ye sail?

Complicated and untrue explanations aside, Ed, my girlfriend Adriana, mystery Unloosen writer, a red mannequin, and I met in Chicago. Good times were had, photos were taken. Some of those photos required an eye patch. Click below for the evidence.

Adriana mutinizes the crew of the southbound Metra train with nothing but guile and the incredible ability to see in two dimesions.

Blind? Blind!

Two lovely cyclopes thanks to Chicago's giant reflective bean.

Photographic proof that Joe Blevins does exist. Not only is he real, he's gracious enough to don an eye patch and shake the hand of your humble editor.


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I could have told you Joe Blevins existed. We went to an exhibition of John Waters photography and films in New York a few years back. Nice guy (but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that).

When did I start looking like part of the cast of Mythbusters? Damn your black photographic sorcery.

I knew Joe existed, but because his last name rhymes with mine, some people I've spoken with have mistaken him for nothing but a pen name. I thought his excellent writing style made that very apparent.

And Ed, the post-Superdawg odors informed my nose that myths aren't the only things you've been busting.

Things I bust:

One eye patch to unite them. One eye patch to rule them all.

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