How to tell rhino animal cracker from bear animal cracker by Ed Darrin

By Ed Darrin

How to tell rhino animal cracker from bear animal cracker:

Nose: Rhino long, bear short
Ears: Rhino two, bear one
Feet: Rhino big, bear less big
Body: Same
Tail: Same
Mouth: Same
Horn: Same

Now you can draw rhino animal cracker and bear animal cracker.


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But how do they taste, man? How do they taste?

Perhaps it's like:

Bear: Like "cookie."

Rhino: Like "Olympian Ambrosia."

I'm not accusing nobody of nothing here, I'm just saying that there's different shaped cookies in that box for a reason or something.

You've discovered the depth of the piece. You can only tell them apart before you eat them.

For this piece of informative journalism, you receive 100 Awesomes, Ed.

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