My Life Outside Unloosen

You do not know how wonderful it was to learn that I, Rick DeMott, was celebrated as one of the "other" guys on It is so true that I could not handle the fame and recognition that Unloosen thrust upon me and so left the world wide web to become a paparazzi.

When my Hollywood friends learned of my Unloosen honor they too wanted to join in on the fun.


Here's me telling Toby to pose like distinguished Millard Fillmore.

With the word out more of my Hollywood friends will want to be featured on Unloosen soon too.


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Spider-man isn't the best Millard Fillmore, but he could easily pull off Franklin Pierce, Fillmore's successor. Franklin Pierce was able to move vertically and jockey a horse, so Tob-a-rooni would be a natural fit.

And Rick, you better hold off the waves of celebrities wanting to crash the Unloosen party. We'll only let the smart ones and the naked lady ones in.

I thought that you were holding up four fingers and chanting, "Four more years!" to mock-president Toby. Either that, or trying to get The Four Horsemen back together. Not those of the Apocalypse, but perhaps Steve McMichael, Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko and "The Nature Boy" Rick Flair.


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