Awareness Month's Waning Days Focus on the Fans

By Chris Leavens

October's final days are marching in, signaling the end of the parade of Unloosen Awareness Month events. Where would Unloosen be without the seven people who read it semi-weekly? We're not really sure either, but we dedicate two special days to these kind folks, the Unloosen connoisseurs. Today, Friday the 27th and tomorrow, Saturday the 28th are for you, friends of Unloosen.


Henry, a connoisseur of bushy facial hair, investigates the Wilford Brimley-esque mustache of a small yet defiant Henry.


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Oh I wish had a pencil-thin mustache.....

I really like how it looks like Henry may be on the verge of granting his approval to the Henry of lesser size.

So often, in our modern "please yourself" society, people almost seem to be rewarded for shooting each other down, so it's nice that this scene might be one in which the one supports the other.

I also like the background. I'm guessing you "rendered" it with a Commodore Amiga. I can tell from the "ray tracing."

"I have diabetes. And when you have diabetes, as I and millions of other Americans do, it's important that you have access to insulin and other diabetic supplies, and that you get those supplies when you need them. Well, now you can."

I do believe that the wee Henry purloined adult Henry's mustache, as the little one has almost "Hulked Out" (another wrestling reference! why?). Check the eyebrows out. Bigger Henry is telling the little guy to put that thing back here (where he is pointing) before someone gets hurt, as all Brimley-styled mustaches have a penchant for violence.

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