Problem with Comments

By Chris Leavens

I've discovered that there's been a problem with leaving comments recently. To alleviate this issue, I've opened the commenting process. This means, at least for the time being, that you do not need to use TypeKey. In fact, I recommend that you don't use TypeKey for a while. In fixing one problem (rampant hot-linking by MySpace users), I created another and I probably won't be able to fix it until I get back to LA on Sunday.

Open comments require an email address and an OK by me.

Oh yeah -- you should refresh any pages you want to leave comments on, too.

Sorry about the trouble, but so goes security on the modern Internet.


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Also, your email address won't show up with your comment.

Since my TypeKey info was lost during an unplanned re-install of Windows, I'm very excited about the change. Now if you figure out a way to get my dog to stop urinating on the rug, my life would be complete.

Glad to see that it wasn't a problem on my end, meaning both me bum and my "pewter." Lawl. Heh, computer problems on the butt!

Maybe those shiny cyber-people of the future won't have it ALL good. Serves them right for being in the future and not stuck here with us primitive types.

Aha! So that's why I haven't been able to comment on "Swamp Ass Senators." I thought it was because I had forgotten my password.

Yep, the problem was system-wide. Apparently, my hosting company added a firewall and it's blocking the connection between us and TypeKey. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. In the meantime, I'm going to set the site to allow immediate comment posts. If we're lucky, the built-in spam filters should weed out the unsolicited comments from morons trying to peddle male enhancement, prescription drugs, and MP3 ring tones.

So comment away. I'd love to get some more feedback on Swamp Ass Senators.

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