Time to stop drinking by Weaver

By Weaver


Yeah, we've all seen Big Ben before, but this is more of a moment than just a shot at the clock. Long story short, I was drinking most of my final day in London with two Canadian brothers I met at Trafalgar Square. Upon immediate exit of our final pub of the day, we found ourselves at this very spot, and realized how cool it was to be drunk on a perfect weekday and look skyward to see such an amazing site.


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Canadian brothers... probably spies. Canadian intelligence is dispatched throughout the world and is comprised almost entirely of Molson-swilling scruff balls pretending to be drunk and dumb in order to steal precious national secrets and get free photos of naked celebrities. Never trust a Canadian on another continent.

The general silhouette of Big Ben, a loose interpretation of the word "underground," and the aforementioned involvement of Canadians make me wonder if you only narrowly dodged being taken to a Maple Leafs game.

Irregardless, this post is still new to me. I think I missed it the first time somehow even.

If a Maple Leaf's game was offered, I would have went and had fun, eh?

To continue with the tale, we left that pub, and when I turned around, the Canadian brothers brought some beers out and we drank them outside on the bridge near Big Ben. Probably not legal. Then we talked to random women who had no interest in us, but one Australian woman (with a skateboard, no lie) was cool enough to drink one with me and pose for a photo. Want proof? Done.

After that, we hopped on the Tube (the English subway, not a gay thing) and all of a sudden, the one brother got drunker and was flipping out on the Tube, yelling about how he is Canadian and that I was American. He then tried to do a flip while holding onto the rails, but only managed to get his legs almost parallel with the floor. Then they got off at their stop, never to be seen again. Chris and Tom McHugh (sp?). Why I remember thier names, I'll never know.

The end.

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