Pipe Crosses at the Edge of Dusk

By Chris Leavens

I just got back from a ten-day trip to Europe and I'm freaking tired. I saw this in a cemetery near Saint Paul, a walled village in southern France. I used a wide-angle lens and, as a result, this photo looks very "space."


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Hope the trip was great (but I'm sure any trip to Europe is going to be an amazing time).

This picture is too classy for an amateur like me to dissect. It's definitely a great shot.

This is a great photo. I've always wanted to go to Europe. I hear Jesus Christ is popular there.

At first glance I thought that this was a picture taken from a rooftop on market street, Shamokin, with the Rasberryhill low income housing in the background. Then I looked closer, and realized that there was no bear-chested, toothless men or dirty, unattended children shouting "F' you, mom." And the buildings looked European. If it was a shot of the Ras I'd give it a 9. The fact that it is an awesome shot of a distant place I only read about in books, I give it a 12.

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