Urban Decay in Philadelphia 2

By Chris Leavens

I remembered that I forgot to post this shot. Here it is. I'll be traveling to Scotland and southern France at the end of August, so more photos are sure to come. I'll be scouring the French countryside for berets and striped shirts.

(I realize that my presence here has been abnormally minimal, but things have been pretty busy and hot out here in LA. We had to move our offices at work from an air-conditioned building to a non-air-conditioned one and the moving and sweltering -- we're experiencing record temps right now -- have taken a toll. I've also been hired to do another web site, but I'll try to stay as involved as I possibly can before I dissapear again at the end of August).


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Probably the worst advertisement for peaches that I have ever seen. The decaying carcass of the snuffalupagus alone has sank peach sales in Philly to a record low.

Chris, not everybody is as interested in runes and magicks as you are. Everybody knows the Vikings never got as far south as Philly (they were repelled once and for all by the Jaworski-to-Quick combo in the '80s).

I bet you also watch that Becharmed show with Heather Locklear and Samantha Miceli. Anyway, when you go to Europe, maybe you should take a side trip to Norway and check out the real thing. And when I say "real thing", I mean Norwegian black metal. That is, if your delicate sensibility can tolerate a language as harsh and guttural as Old Norse.

Careful though, the black metallers will see your dark Latin complexion and will instantly know you're an outsider. Might be wise to lighten up with some corpsepaint.

p.s. Double kick drums rock!

I'm going back there this weekend. This is what I have to look forward to? Man the old neighborhood isn't like it use to be.

I remember when it was peach.

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