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Here are more characters from the Chester the Bastard comic book/script/story. Once again, all artwork was done by Steve Moore. From left to right: Maryn, Valona, Satia and Georgine. Most people dig the fatty, Georgine.

Are they friends or foes to our heroes? I'm not telling, you'll have to wait along time for the answer. Unless of course you just want to read the script for yourself.


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Pass on the fatty. I'll take the red-head, Statia.

Tubby is cool and all, but I'm a Maryn fan, myself. Their first encounter with Chester and Percy is something else. It happens right after Chester visits a wolverine and badger reserve.

Rule No. 1: Redheads are trouble.

Rule No. 2: Sometimes trouble is ok.

Nonetheless, I'm with Weaver. Ditch the readhead and go with Maryn. I get a "barista who might just talk to you but probably won't ever talk to you" vibe that is just too much to resist, and she has the best FMBs.

I like the fact that these are their work clothes. Usually professional attire of this variety is reserved for an all-together different profession. Maybe I should start hanging out with witches. Wait--I've tried that. They're almost as bad as hippies.

If it weren't for the enormous chin, I'd nail the fat one. Actually, if I was participating in this year's medival faire, I would definately talk to them since they aren't wearing direct replicas of Lord of the Rings costumes. (LOTR is so 1995) I would probably talk up the other three, get drunk, realize they won't do anything, and end up taking home the fatty. Usually, they're a lot needier and willing to let you do crazier crap. (That's the only good reason for blacking out.)

Per Mr. Chris' phone call, I sang the praises of Chester the Bastard to him. Just the pictures alone without knowing any of the story made me laugh. I personally would love to read the script. Why do I have a feeling that my above comment is already a scene in the script?

All women are trouble. These four would actually turn me into a frog if they got pissed at me.

witches rule

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