Hot Dog Boy by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

An insatiable masochist, Hot Dog Boy wants to be eaten. I wonder if that crazy cannibal guy in Germany's still taking volunteers?



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Not only that. He's also not shy about shooting off his mustard in public.

This is just wrong on about 1 billion levels. Nice quarter moon-like composition, Chris. Hot Dog Boy frames random blurry girls nicely. If only she was just a little closer, it would look like Hot Dog Boy was sneaking up on here to give her the ole'mustard plug.

Next time you find a finger in your hot dog or franks and beans, don't get all grossed out and try to sue Chef Boyardee. Hot Dog Boy clearly shows that his kind have fingers, digits, phalanges or whatever you want to call them. That finger is still hot dog you are eating.

And those baby blues! Is he yet another bastard child of Sinatra?

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