Chess Masters by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens


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This picture has everything in life that makes me happy.

- White dudes in cool hats

- Black dudes in cool hats

- Shiny green things

and more importantly.. racial harmony.

I think this picture is from the future. It shows Mr. Leavens in his future as chess hustler/pimp in the streets of NYC. I know that's Chris simply because of the way the man is clutching his belt like two six-shooters: fully cocked and ready to blast.

To clear a few details up:

1) This is in center city Philadelphia.
2) The old white dude was heckling the black guy and the black guy was incoherantly bitching at people and ranting about his skills. Ah, the City of Brotherly Love.
3) If and when I'm able to travel to the future, I'll find myself doing cooler things than playing chess. If I was playing chess, I'd be playing 3D hover chess against some brand of future wizard with a killer Palm Pilot. However, chess hustler/pimp did show up as a future possible occupation for me when I took the career placement test in high school.

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