Chess Masters 2

By Chris Leavens


MasterCard commercial!!!!

- 1 brown belt to keep pants hitched up to armpits: $5.00

- Authentic African hat made in China with "do-rag" underneath: $12.95

- Racial Harmony on the streets of ____ = Priceless

Were they putting money on these games? I noticed the money in my possible father’s pocket.

I don't think the white guy is wearing any pants. He seems to be holding a blue cape behind his tie and in front of his bishop.

This is a test shot from Die Hard: With A Vengeance, if you really want to know. McLain and Zeus (don't ask me how I remember their names) were to beat Hans Grueber's brother in a game of chess in twenty minutes, or The Statue of Liberty was going to be blown up. But the writers figured that the bad guy could just stall, since they weren't playing with those timer things. They scrapped the scene for more "You don't like me because I am white/You don't like me because I am black" dialogue. But I liked both of them, because neither of them were Vin Deisel.

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