Motherhood by Frog

By Frog


A little late for Mother's Day, I know. but what mother would not like this image slipped into their Mother's Day card next year? The saga is complete, just like the new craptacular Star Wars trilogy.


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Well, I guess it is a girl! Quite the incubation technique, as well. This guy may perhaps become the posterboy for single mothers everywhere.

Where is the father, I ask? Shooting pool at the Wayside or hanging on the sidewalk in front of the health food store?

that boy really loves him some omlets

Nice work maneuvering your spacecraft/deep-sea robot submersible this close to the subject. The soft focus makes this pic oh so tender.

The way he cradles the egg makes it look somewhat like a Renuzit.

Whatever comes out of that egg will be either very scary, made of nylon, or both.

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