Finally, Photos

By Chris Leavens

After weeks of tweaking the site and uploading stories from our old forum, Pork Pony, I've finally gotten around to posting some of the photos that appeared on the double P, namely those by Frog. Here's a list:

Captain Caveman & Son
Darth Vader's Shaggin' Wagon

Deer Kill
Elfin Magic
Free Mustache Rides
Mr. Tambourine Man
For Sale

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The wonder that is Pennsylvania's coal region, my God. Is it any wonder how those of us native to this area have turned out the way we have? And to find others from around the country similar to us is quite cool. I liken it to that chubby bumble bee girl finding cohorts just like her from the Blind Melon video, I guess, for lack of a better analogy this early in the morning.

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