Chester the Bastard

By Weaver

This is the cover-art for the comic book I have in the works. Chester the Bastard was a film script I wrote, and it just so happens to be one of those stories that translates well into the comic book style of things. The big, hairy guy is Chester, while the nerdy looking kid with the scroll is Percy, a total pansy. The story is the most recent feature-length story I have written, and depending on your taste, the funniest.

The artwork was done by my cousin, Steve Moore, yet another denizen of the coal region. The design for Chester took a little bit of tweaking to get right, but he nailed Percy on the first try. Hail, Chester!


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From now until the day I die, bastard will remain one of my favorite words.

I hope it doesn't get confusing, since bustard is your favorite condiment.

WOW!!! This is a great pic! I can't say enough good things about this artist! What a talent!!! Denizen of the Coal Region?... that sounds like an insult! LOL

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