Kung Fu Hustle: a Club 11 movie review by Mike Wargo

I know that my 5 or 6 loyal readers are hoping for me to make a glorious return to Club 11 by blasting some piece of self important crap. Unfortunately, I have grown since the days of Pork Pony. Years of domestication have chilled my hostility, and I no longer subject myself to movies that I know will make me vengeful (I now have politics for that). As a result, I don’t see many movies.

Fortunately for Club 11 fans, I never watched most of the movies that I reviewed anyway. Do you really need to see Hope Floats to know that it sucks? Also, my tremendous ego is still alive and well. I continue to believe that all films should be tailored to my individual tastes.

In this instance, if you want me to enjoy a movie with characters that have supernatural powers, it needs to be either silly or foreign. Kung Fu Hustle mixes the two, and therefore touches me deeply. It has all of the ass kicking fun of the original Matrix movie with none of the sci-fi loser crap. It’s heavenly. It also gives new meaning to the term “palm maneuver.”

Those of you waiting to hear me go off on the flavor of the month will have to wait until the ripe summer season. On a scale of 1 to club11, Kung Fu Hustle receives a Club 11.


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Club 11 is back. Wargo reviews an excellent movie that everyone should be forced to see. He told me he almost saw Hitchhiker's Guide instead. I think he made the right decision, although after seeing Hitchhiker's earlier this evening, I have a feeling it would have produced quite a stir in the Wargo brain (read: textual lambasting in full effect).

Kung Fu Hustle kicks your face off and then while you're picking it up off the sticky and filthy movie theatre floor laughing at the comedy it proceeds to kick your face off AGAIN. It doesn't care how many times it kicks your face off. It's an awesome movie and doesn't need to care.

One of the great things about Unloosen is that I actually get to express my appreciation for some of the things I loved most from Pork Pony. Club11 rocks. I don't think I have agreed with any of your reviews in the past, but I have enjoyed every minute of it.

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