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So this was the brave, skateboarding Australian woman who drank a beer with me in London. She was 35 at the time of the photo. I didn't know that they held up so well down under.

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After weighing a variety of options, I've decided to sell my artwork via Imagekind. They offer a multitude of choices and reasonably-priced custom framing (their frames may seem expensive on first glance, but compared to other places, they're a good deal). A direct link to my web store follows the colon:

Currently I'm only selling five images. Click on the illustration you like for a direct link to its Imagekind home:


I'll be posting more for sale, including images from the first IAD, as soon as opportunity allows. I create nearly all of my artwork at a 4:3 ratio and the ideal ratio for most printers and store-bought frames is 5:4 (8x10, 11x14, 16x20 are all right on or near a 5:4 ratio), so I had to resize some of the elements to make things work. Also, I've been going in and cleaning up details that I wasn't able to during the IAD project. In some cases, like Hungry Again, for instance, I even drew in a few extra elements that I meant to include in the first go around but skipped due to time constraints. If anyone's really eager to get their hands on something that's not currently available, make it known and I'll make it a priority.

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