Drunk in London by Weaver

By Weaver


So this was the brave, skateboarding Australian woman who drank a beer with me in London. She was 35 at the time of the photo. I didn't know that they held up so well down under.


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Weaver, you totally Photoshopped that. Everyone knows you guys were actually drinking Heineken.

1: Criminy, how much time do you spend in England, anyway?? Dag...

2: Dang, she's pretty. Perhaps getting off those scorching Australian beaches and out under the protective gloom of a proper grey English sky was the best thing for her.

3: I second the "Photoshopped" accusation: Everyone knows that in England, the cars drive to the left; in your "photo," the car is ever-so-tellingly driving to THE RIGHT.

4: Dang, she's pretty.


Also, if you look over Weaver's right shoulder, that's not some London skyscraper or landmark, it's Boston's Prudential Center. Nice try...

AND there's no cork in the Grolsch. Grolsch comes in a CAN? Limeys are weird...whatever. I'm off to celebrate the man who drove the snakes out of Ireland...

Grolsch is Irish beer right?
The snakes thing was a metaphor for converting the pagans, by the way ('cause everyone knows pagans like alcohol and the Catholics wanted all the Guiness for themselves, so they cast a 'spell of snakery' +3 to turn the pagans into snakes because snakes don't drink and they could fit more of them in the inflatable life-rafts they were using to banish them all to Wales).

Also, I agree with Alex on points #2 and #4.
Go Weaver!!!

Well, the reason for the post was due to a comment I posted on "Time to Stop Drinking", so there is a sort of lead-in there.

As for the beer, it was just handed to me. I would have drank petrol at that point. And the only photoshop skill I have is asking Chris to do it for me maybe once every seven months.

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