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Here's my take on Halloween. After the beasts have feasted, repairs will be necessary. (Illustration Friday, topic: repair)


I get a little sick of all of the gore and blood associated with Halloween. Otherworldly monsters who eat your plants are scary, too, right?

Also, if you're looking for other Halloween-related stuff, Unloosen-style, check out the fiction section. Craig J. Clark and Joe Blevins have been offering up great, twisted horror stories all month and they'll each be delivering two more just in time for this Friday. This is seriously good stuff, not to be missed.


Vector art, Adobe Illustrator CS4

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I meant to post this last week, but my wife and I are trying to buy a house, so I've been a bit busy. Better late than never, right? (Illustration Friday, topic: late)


This is my 2008 Christmas card design. I'll be printing off 250 of these. If anyone's interested, I'll be offering them for sale in packs of five and ten. The cards are standard, 5 inch by 7 inch size and they're professionally printed on thick, glossy card stock.

5 cards will cost US $11, shipping included for US and Canadian residents. 10 cards will be US $20, shipping included for US and Canadian residents. Sorry, I'll have to charge extra for people in other countries. Just post a comment if you're interested and I'll email ordering info. I'll probably be posting some PayPal links/buttons within the next week.

Also, in case you missed it, I was interviewed recently by the awesome vector illustration website Vectips. CHECK IT OUT! Also, big thanks to Bella Sinclair for mentioning me in her list of seven artists on the web she admires. She's quite an artist herself.

Vector Illustration, Adobe Illustrator CS3 and CS4

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vectips_logo.jpgRyan Putnam, the singular force behind the awesome vector-illustration website Vectips, recently interviewed me via email. Here's the interview. It's pretty different than the last interview I did, so check it out and feel free to leave comments. If you have any interest in vector illustration, Vectips is an amazing resource and Ryan really knows his stuff.

Also, I realize I've been quiet lately, but new stuff's on the way. Real life's been keeping me busy. My wife and I are trying to take advantage of the economic downturn and buy a house while the market's low. Takes a lot more time than I would've imagined.

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