Vectips Interview with Chris

By Chris Leavens

vectips_logo.jpgRyan Putnam, the singular force behind the awesome vector-illustration website Vectips, recently interviewed me via email. Here's the interview. It's pretty different than the last interview I did, so check it out and feel free to leave comments. If you have any interest in vector illustration, Vectips is an amazing resource and Ryan really knows his stuff.

Also, I realize I've been quiet lately, but new stuff's on the way. Real life's been keeping me busy. My wife and I are trying to take advantage of the economic downturn and buy a house while the market's low. Takes a lot more time than I would've imagined.


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That's a great interview except I have one bone of contention. This part:

"One thing that can be somewhat annoying is the ever-present assumption that I use or need to use all varieties of illicit substances to create my artwork. Honest to God, I never touch the stuff. I rarely even drink and I never drink when I’m creating my work."

So we're just supposed to forget the "Great Mongoose Bender of 2003?" I haven't.

What happened to that NDA you signed, Kendall? Anyway, I've always been more of a sizzurp man.

And you TOTALLY ignored FistFest '98 - held on the backside of Nittany Mountain. I was truly in Happy Valley that day. Good interview, though.

Thanks for the great resource and will be reading the interview in a second....also...Friday...payday...posters to be ordered!!!

That was a great interview. I only regret that you didn't answer your email with an accent. Possibly Pittsburghese or straight ghetto.

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