The Window

By Chris Leavens

Here's my take on Halloween. After the beasts have feasted, repairs will be necessary. (Illustration Friday, topic: repair)


I get a little sick of all of the gore and blood associated with Halloween. Otherworldly monsters who eat your plants are scary, too, right?

Also, if you're looking for other Halloween-related stuff, Unloosen-style, check out the fiction section. Craig J. Clark and Joe Blevins have been offering up great, twisted horror stories all month and they'll each be delivering two more just in time for this Friday. This is seriously good stuff, not to be missed.


Vector art, Adobe Illustrator CS4


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happy Halloween!

Love your monsters! And the colours you use... Well done!

Wow, what an awesome illo! So inventive, and well rendered to boot! I love the colour scheme you've chosen, great work.


AAAAAHHH! As a garden-lover whose beloved flowers and shrubs were regularly feasted upon by local wildlife, this HORRIFIES ME! This is seriously great. Love the blue pumpkin head. And check out the cyclops with knife and fork! Well, at least he's a civilized diner. :D

You have a great drawing and rendering style. Very unique.

love your style. and great colors on this one.

Adore your style, and love this story for Halloween!

I'm pretty sure I saw some of those creatures in my garden yesterday! Cool illo!

I just love this!! Who would've thunk a blue pumpkin?? Amazing!

Love this! Especially the color choices...I hear ya' about bloody Halloween stuff. Gimme cutesy stuff anyday :)

You don't disappoint. This is just freakin' awesome.

Love this much! Your style is great, lots of interest and action!

Bold and brilliant. Some of the best colours yet, too. The mix of characters is compelling, and I like the use of stripy textures and the allusions to your experiments in manipulating the fabric of space-time.

The masked Jovian bird is a nice touch. As is what appears to be a subtle homage to HSR.

Actually, the idea of the monsters coming from a hole in space held open by one of your pumpkin demons is downright chilling. Yet nifty. Thank goodness for Bolt Birdlington, I guess, eh?

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