Craig and Joe Watch Movies You've Actually Heard Of: An Introduction

By Craig J. Clark

Greetings, Unloosen reader(s), and welcome to what promises to be a bright, shining and -- for lack of a better term -- new decade. According to Arthur C. Clarke, 2010 is the Year We Make Contact, which raises the hope that this will be the year that Unloosen reaches a wider readership. To that end, Joe Blevins and I have chosen to set aside the more esoteric fare that we're known for (so to speak) and start reviewing movies people have actually seen. And so we have settled on the storied decade known as the '80s, one which is beloved by countless VH1 commentators and is known for any of a number of high-profile motion pictures. Just don't think we're doing this out of some misplaced sense of nostalgia. Sure, most of the films that we plan on writing about on a biweekly basis (starting this Thursday) are ones that one or both of us saw -- in some cases, multiple times -- during our misspent youths, but we intend to look at them afresh with critical eyes. Will Johnny Dangerously be as funny as I thought it was before I reached puberty? Do the special effects in Weird Science hold up after two and a half decades? And does one really need to sit through Ghandi more than once in a lifetime? Stay tuned to find out.


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Can I leave some requests?:

-Better Off Dead

Also, can we finally expose the time travel and timeline inaccuracies of Back To The Future Part 2?

('Old' Biff steals the goddam Delorean in 2015, goes back to 1955 to give the Sports Almanac to 'Young' Biff, but when he returns, he's still in the same timeline with Marty and Doc, and is not rich! Yet, when Marty and Doc return to 1985, 'regular' Biff is rich!!??!! WTF?)

Thank you.

Holy crud, Dr. Hot Lunch. You are apparently in possession of some psychic abilities.

Craig and I have been exchanging lists of movies we want to cover, and one title on my list was BTTF 2, which I said I wanted to cover on its own, removed from the context of the trilogy.

Meanwhile, if you ever get the chance, check out MAD Magazine's parody of Back to the Future 2 (Mad #295) in which John Madden (!) tries to figure out the plot of the movie and is driven to insanity. The parody (written by Stan Hart) ends with a straightjacketed Madden being taken away by men in white coats.

I know exactly which MAD parody you're talking about, I remember reading it when I was young. Good stuff.

I also messed up my John Cusack movies. I meant to request "One Crazy Summer", but I think "Better Off Dead" is essentially the same movie, but in the snow...

Also, can you find an 80's movie where Julia Roberts shows actual talent, and doesn't just smile, scream, and not get naked??? (didn't think so) The only Julia movie I could stomach back then was "Sleeping With The Enemy", because I thought she may actually lose, but sadly, her character didn't die.

This should be a fun topic. I look forward to reading and sharing my opinions.

Commando remains one of my favourite films of that decade. That movie defined me. It made me like Cadillacs. I mean, for a while there, we lost it... But we got it back.

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