We're Up Here

By Chris Leavens


My latest piece, created for the first edition of Colorvision Magazine!

Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator CS4


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I'd say 'great-as-usual' but, honestly that would ignore the fact that this stuff keeps getting better. I like the play of the pink against the earth tones, especially.

I also like me the white rabbit/blank bunny. At first I thought it was a mistake, but then it took me on a journey to the centre of my mind. Whereupon The Nuge pulled me back out and slapped me around a bit for my decadent liberal excess. Then he buttered me up like a fuggin wild pig and ceremonially devoured me while he dropped a deuce on the hood of my Volvo.

I don't really have a Volvo, and I sure as hell am not buying one with Nuge spoor on it. Wait, where was I going with this? Oh yeah... nice piece. Not your gun, but your picture.

Hey, Chris! Can't get enough of your psychedelic journeys. This one is über cool! Love the stairs that look like a kinked tongue. And the bird. HA! Happy New Year to you and your lovely family. Here's wishing you much continued success PLUS some time to kick back and relax. And you don't know how thrilled I was to find some bunny stowaways tucked into my card. Woooohoooo!

This one is funny...I can picture Claude walking through the scene and causing a bit of chaos and the pleading from the little pink bunny critter...great placement...and thanks for the Christmas card...I have something for you but have been in chaos mode for over a month with work...so I'll get it off to you shortly...

I recently rediscovered that in an earlier comment on a different post, I referenced "soft-serve" iced creams. I just thought it might be worth mentioning that I like this image more than I like most soft-serve iced creams -- and I really like those kinds of iced creams!

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