Behind Our House

By Chris Leavens


Here's a new piece I finished for the upcoming BloodSweatVector art show at the West Berlin Gallery in Berlin, Germany. The show runs from November 12 -> December 12. More info!

Also, if you've got a moment, check out my interview with Colorvision Magazine!

Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator CS4

Prints will be available after the show starts.


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very cool i like

Like the microbial effect here...and the more angular geometric contrast as opposed to something more blobular...

Hey, Chris! Whoa, this is Escher cutting loose! The singing trio is fantastic, but I think I like the floating bunnies best best.

Beautiful, tender photo of you with your daughter. I enjoyed reading your interview, too. Nice to get a sneak peak at the genius behind the surreal wonders.

This is becoming one of my new favourites, just so you know.

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