A Delightful Meal

By Chris Leavens

Earlier this year, Argentinean art magazine Göoo invited me to create a two-page spread for the newest issue, #7, Witchcraft. It's been printed and announced, so here's the artwork I submitted. You'll have to piece together how this relates to witchcraft.


If you're interested, I'll let you know where to pick up a copy when they're available via retail. The other art included in the magazine is awesome, so it's definitely worthwhile. Just let me know.


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wow nice

i like the guy at the bottom

very cool

The owl is conjuring the Italian Spaghetti Bastard....Duh!!
You really can't beat the enjoyment of a good conjuring over pasta!

excellent! the owl especially rocks.

What, are you serious? What DOESN'T imply witchcraft here? Between the owl reading from ye ancient grimoire, the WIRELESS radio, and the FORK, this whole piece would have been your ticket for the express cart to the stake or the gallows, circa 1692. Maybe they would have cut you some slack because it's so well composed and even in its appealing palette and tones. Or maybe they would have not. Do you really want to build a time machine and find out? I think not.

R.I.P Mr. Belvedere

Just one mint? It's wafer thin...

I'm glad it's got people eating in it, because a McDonald's restaurant a-times has people eating in it too, and as far as this picture goes, I'm lovin' it.

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