The Thicket

By Chris Leavens


No one knows for sure
what happens in the thicket.

Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator CS4



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I was hoping that the long layoff was bringing something momentous. This is the proper way to return. I consider the eating of the hamburger to be the central point in this. Who knew it could be so complicated.

Always awesome! Glad to see it on Imagekind too.

Yeah, that's the Thicket.

Fabulous as usual... hope the family is doing well!

My gosh, this is just amazing. Stunning composition and wonderful characters as always. Hope you are doing well.

Seems to me that the Cheney paranoids are still lurking in the background, leaving us naught but the thorny thicket, all that we can afford to go out and eat now: a burger....and only one of those teeny tiny ones at that.

Glad to see you're still kicking...had some delays on my end...hope everyone is getting along well and the kiddo and Mrs. are keeping you awake changing diapers and making the lady of the house breakfast in bed every day...tell her I said for the pic...marvelous sense of clausterphobic chaos...

Even though I have barely dipped my toe in "that whole scene," I have to say that I really like sliders and am totally stoked to see you pay honest tribute to them here.

Also, this is probably one of the most dynamic and compositionally solid pieces you've yet crafted -- a real toady fose, or however it's pronounced. And spelled.

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