Calling the Sun

By Chris Leavens

These birds are strikingly similar to birds I've created in the past... (Illustration Friday, topic: similar)


A little music always helps.

Vector art, Adobe Illustrator CS4

My wife and I begin the process of moving into our first house this week, so if I seem a little more quiet than usual, that's the reason.



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I love it, it's gorgeous!

As always, a pleasure stopping by your site. Love that mo on the tree, and the colours are just divine!

One of the reasons I'm crazy for your pieces, Chris, is that you look like you had so much fun creating them. This is the bee's knees! Wish I could make the sun with my tongue. And your bunny! OH!

Best of luck with the move! Wahoo!

Good work, nice one!

very cool. diggin the warm color palette.

I am a huge fan of tree mustaches. !!!

Great work. Another one of my favorites. Also, congrats on the house.

Love these birds! great job as usual...

Nice bird!!!
You can be quite, just never be quiet!!!
Best wishes with the house!!!

That could be the guitar playing bunny from LOB!!!!

Thanks everybody. Nice catch on the typo, dR. s. Changing it from "quite" to "quiet"... now.

Leave it.... Artistic license.... Make a statement!!!!!
Don't be a follower!!!

This is wonderful!! I love wonderful repetition of shapes, the the warm color scheme with the pops of hot color, and always your wonderful creatures!! Congratulations on your new house! :)

Very very cool. The warm color are fantastic. And that 3-eyed rockin' bunny is just plain awesome.

very nice design and color. hope to see yours more here.

Yes, these are a trademark style for you by now Chris - there are no birds like this except for here. Marvelous job and best wishes on the move!!

There was a day last week when I felt like I ate solar flares.

This is absolutely fantastic! My favorite of this topic so far!!!

What a powerful image! Excellent

This one is one of the best ones to this point. I am particularly titillated by the little music-bolts emanating from the groovy bunny's guitar. Triopticus Hoppaday has always rocked hard and here, you have made him and his surrounding imagery rock full 12-percent harder.

Warms me up just looking at it. That's an awesome 'stache on the tree. Seriously brilliant work! Good luck with the move!

Hey I lovvvve your work. Brilliant!
Also I want to link this webpage to my humble little blog.. Can I do that? Please let me know. If there is a problem I shall remove it.Keep up the good work!

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