The Bowl Escapes

By Chris Leavens

If folks keep losing their lunches, the whole town will be vacant. (Illustration Friday, topic: vacant)


I don't normally draw people, so I decided to go for it this week. I think they turned out OK.

Apologies if I've been quiet recently. My wife and I have found a house and we've been busily tackling the required bureaucracy. In other news, I'm pleased to report that there's a little Leavens on the way. That's right -- Adriana's pregnant. Come May, a baby Unloosenite will be among us.


Vector art, Adobe Illustrator CS4


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i just love your sense of aesthetic

The guy in front is positively Teutonic. As for the rest of the picture, there are three or four levels of "Who's eating who?" which is probably the right amount.

Although his predicament is nightmarish, I wouldn't be averse to replicating Mr. Soup Catcher's entire look. I'll have to make an educated guess on the trousers and shoes.

This is definitely one of my favorites of late especially since it has people in it. Plus, everyone knows buildings have teeth. You just have to know where to look.

wow!!! such a great news! congratulations to your little Leavens and to your new home too! i think - although you're so busy nowadays - your people-drawing is so cool. particularly love the red-man's shape and arms. hope your new house doesn't want to eat you :)

I like how the news about you drawing people trumped the news about you creating one. Congratulations!

this is so much fun!
Thanks for the nice comments on my IF from last week :)

Admirable crazy illustration! Perfect work!


Congratulations on the baby news! And good luck with the house bureaucracy stuff- it can get overwhelming. Congrats again!!! (and I like your latest illustration)

Awesome illustration and congrats on the new addition to come!

Big congrats! And another great illustration!

Wow, you make a mean bowl of chicken soup! Love the chaos, love the colors, love the action. You should do people more often. They're as cool as your monsters.

a BIG congratulations to you! YAY, a house AND a kid on the way. I'm so very happy for you and your wife.

Big Congrats my friend!!!!!!

you are so good draw people!

You draw good people too!

A Baby Unloosenite? Now that's your greatest creation! Congrats to you both on the little one!

Congrats on all of this stuff you've been making!

Now the trick will be finding a name. Are you already struggling between Shut Up or Piss Off? Vyvyan couldn't decide, but perhaps you can.

WOW congrats on the house and the baby!!! You guys must be so busy and excited! I love the way you draw people by the way, his face is full of character :)

Awesome work! Really digging the layout and characters. Congrats on the house and future occupant!

Let me be the twelfth to congratulate you, Chris. Now, please, for the love of all that is decent, read my latest story. It's only 1424 words long. Considering the average American adult reads at a rate of approximately 250 to 300 words per minute, it should only take you 5 or 6 minutes. Even the busiest new homeower and expectant father can spare 5 or 6 minutes, right? Right...?

What a fun illo! I live on soup in cold weather, but now I'm very nervous.

Congrats on the house (hope it lacks teeth) & especially on the Unloosenite soon to be unloosened.

oh, forget congratulations! (*giggles as only a fellow parent can*)

Oh Chris!
So much wonderful news!
I'm so happy for you both!
Children are such a wonderful source of inspiration.
Oh yeah.. and I love this illustration...
Chicken soup that's fighting back! Yikes!


Easily one of my new top-three favourites. A real 3-dimensional feel with a strong sense of movement. That's cool about the baby house or whatever it was you said you found in that pile of Bentonite I rudely left on top of your adorable curio box that one hot night last Marchvember.

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