At the Office

By Chris Leavens

I'm of the opinion that working for a boss is not a good thing. (Illustration Friday, topic: opinion)


I've decided to draw people again. I guess they're sort of people. Another illustration is on the way really soon.

Vector art, Adobe Illustrator CS4



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Wow, cool stuff!! Love the little articulations between the joints (and extra ones). And the pinstriping. And the wonderfully distorted perspective...

Great work as usual. Love the concept, and the colors are outstanding.

Stunning as usual. And you are correct that working for a boss is no fun. As depicted in Office Space, the modern corporate employee has at least eight bosses. It can be dizzying. But I'm not sure the bosses themselves are any happier than those being bossed. Anyway, great work.

I really like your kinda bizarre people. And I love this piece :)

You make a valid point, in my opinion at least. And what a fabulous piece!

HA! I think you captured the office just right, with its disjointed people with green complexions and the office chair that feels as hard as wood. Such great energy in this one!

Great illustration!

Hey Chris!

First, great illustration...different style but really sharp...and true. I have several of your writings w/pics ready for handouts with my class.

Second. For some reason I never got a notice about a comment you left on my last IF. I just got it today...and it was really great and gave me that warm feel-good feeling inside...I've been tied up a lot doing some traditional artwork projects and due to work I haven't had a chance to do what I I've neglected doing know the artist cycles...but reading comments from people that you gave them a laugh really means a lot.

Lasty...Between the ups and downs I have had issues ordering your prints. Now I see you have Christmas cards. Since I have a couple of days break that is finally going to happen...the spot is already marked on the wall.

Make sure to have a great Thanksgiving and eat a lot!

I'm making this short because my knees hurt right now and my connection is down. But for the neighbour's cable and a housemate's notebook, I wouldn't even be here.

I like the ideas in this one -- especially those suggesting the faces people put on when they get all businessy. I also think there is something "extra-professional" about this one, and I can't say why, exactly; but, for some reason, it really does look like an accompanying piece for a magazine article in, say, a respected newsweekly...

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