By Chris Leavens

So many things to detach, so little time. (Illustration Friday, topic: detach)

The textures in this one almost brought my computer to its knees. Also, if you're ever wondering which Mouse on Mars CD is best to rock while working, I'd suggest Glam.



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Groovy! This looks just like the sort of thing I do in my spare time...

Somehow I feel partly responsible for this. Ghastly, in a good way. I didn't know you could be so darkwave, Chris.

Oh, my! Eerie fun. LOVE it! Looks like Mr. Science Guy could stand to use a little limb detaching, himself. You have an awesomely twisted mind. :)

that is rad i love your work

my favorite so far

love it

beautiful the detail.

Wonderful!! I especially love the robot birds. I think there must be some deep, dark meaning hidden in this one, yes? A favorite!

I always look forward to your posts. Your work is amazing.

Wow. This is over-the-top outstanding. Your characters and composition are always spot-on.

well i certainly hope Mr. Wacky Scientist is putting them their birdies back together and not ripping their poor little feet off?

fantastic work as usual!!!

ooh i love those eyes! sometimes the blank stares haunt me, lol. i especially love the glowing, red eyes of the bird at the back. gives this just the right amount of creepiness. and those thread-like things are perfectly done

Ahh so that's where some of the inspiration comes from...keep giving away your secrets! ;) I love the creepiness! Awesome!

Wow - this is so cool. Although it nearly brought your computer to it's knees, it was worth it as it looks ace.

I like this one great big heaps and all that jazz, as you know already. Great ... big ... jazzy ... heaps. Great Fig Jeeps. If some cars were fruits, like figs, maybe, then this would be how it was, I guess. I like the colours allot, as well as the rest of it, too. Thematically, this one is right "up there" and yet kind of "out there." The big bird head in the background is like something out of a "Doctor Who" installment. This is top ten.

You have a wonderful talent. Great style. Great understanding of color and shading. I just love it.

Wow, great illo ! I love your style.

Great work, as always! I love your style

Wow!!! This is amazing!!

You really raised the bar with this one man--how'd I miss it?!

Anyhow, yes, a M.O.M. fan too! I love those guys--all their stuff. Funny, cause Glam was one of my least favorites--very ambient and almost amorphous. I regretted selling it, only to purchase it again, luckily, for a good price. If I'm not mistaken, doesn't Chachi (what's his real name) have something to do with the film "Glam"? Anyhow, my personal faves are the mid-period stuff on Thrill Jockey from the late nineties . In the meantime, keep making killer art!!

You have topped yourself yet again...the layering here is awesome...especially the way you have the larger 'ghost bird image' in the background...

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