More info: Chris @ LA Art Walk this Thursday, June 12

By Chris Leavens

Official flyer (click image below for embiggened version):

That is all.


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Ah! Tesla, you may think you have bested me with your Electro-Fire Arc Generatron, but you have not yet seen my Chromoguitarmagraph, with which I can, with no more than a few deft movements, strum a very masterpiece onto any blank canvas!


Damn you, Ed Darrin!! You haven't seen the last of me- I WILL have my revenge!

Why pay five bucks to meet one's muse when you can invoke one for free? Bush League muse hangers-ons. You are already my muse, but if you can start a cult, do it.

Cool, nonetheless, and I hope it is a good time.

Ed - Perhaps you could softly play a few chords to produce some happy little trees?

Note on flyer: not smithed by Chris.

Also, I must say I feel honored to have the ghost of a famous scientist reading this website. How many people can say Tesla visited their crappy emo blog? ZERO. Science ghosts visiting Porkloosen (Alex gets credit for this moniker)? ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME.

Pretty boss hog, if you ask me.

My long-standing feud with Tesla's ghost is well known.

Weaver: Interesting that you asked that, because i just got a sweet Tree pedal for the chromoguitarmagraph. It's a pretty solid build, all metal, and it has knobs for Tree, Season, and Gain. I'm saving for a Reflections in Water pedal.

If you can get me some socks from the Croatian soccer team, I'll jam out a few trees, with some sweet shading. The socks are the blue ones with the red and white checkerboard around the calf. Look up pics from their recent match against Germany. Those are nice socks. I need about ten pair. I need them for my footsies.

Gimme them socks!

So, how'd it go? I need a tale of how you became the belle of the ball and the words "dashing" and "electric" were heard murmured through the crowd. And then tell me about the Art Walk.

(OHH! Misdirection of expected norms = hilarity.)

I met the ghost of Tesla once. Talked way too much about Edison and for some reason had a smell. Not good or bad, just a smell.

The show didn't go well for one reason: it was canceled. The organizers had hung lights, art, and had a stage assembled and the owner of the building called it off at the last moment. Apparently they spent a whole ton of time negotiating, but to no avail. It was a real let down to say the least.

On a positive note, the art there was really good (two gallery owners were showing their work) and everyone who showed up to either help or attend (yes, people still showed up, even though it was canceled -- we didn't find out it was canceled until we arrived. Yes, quite sucky, I know.) really liked my stuff. A few people commented that it was their favorite work in the show, which was nice, but in a way, also lousy because if the show would have gone on as intended, I more than likely would have done well.

My art will be shown, however, and soon. Next up is a longer-lived residency at a local independent book store. It's in a well-moneyed area, so I'll more than likely sell something which will be good. More info to come.

Wait... The art show was cancelled? I guess I better get out there and pick up my velvet paintings before someone swipes them.

Thanks for the hot tip; those paintings are my pride and joy.

Anyway, before I get out there to pick them up. I think I'll finish catching up on the last few posts here.

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