L.O.B. Mascot

By Chris Leavens

DHL and some other east-central PA guys have started a pop group called Lunchbox of Blood. They sound a lot like Air Supply, only louder, noisier, and drunker. After an 84-groupie escapade, DHL asked me to come up with some artwork, something that would depict the "smooth, dentist-office calm that is L.O.B." (his words, not mine). Minus the text elements, this be where I'm at:


I don't know if it's AM radio enough for them.


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Dude, that's The Awesome. If it's AM, then it's really more AM stereo than anything else.

I hope they do a track called "Wheel (of constant misery) In This Guy." Or maybe "Making Love Out of Nothing Other Than The Rotting Body Parts in the Shed."

Or maybe something about bunnies.

This venture has the potential to rock harder than even the golden age of space exploration.

Love it. This might sound crazy, but I think the claws make it more FM. Without claws, it's definitely AM and possibly Russian.

I think it should be a "Space 1999" lunchbox...

A huggable plush version of this must be made.


This is looking awesome. I love it.

To explain, as I told Chris, the reason for the lobster claws is a metaphor.

We are currently a band without the ability to play musical instruments. (We're learning, playing alot of Rock Band, watching "Rock of Love", and so forth...)-suprisingly, there is potential, and we do have some feel and sense of music. I kicked ASS on the recorder in 4th grade, so this seems to be the next logical step.

That being said, our playing sounds as if we don't have hands, and that people are just banging guitars with their "lobster claws". and loud. We're loud.

As of right now, we are ALL promotion. ALL hype. Unrealized potential. We're accepting titles of songs, so thanks Alex. We come up with concepts first, music later - so the Air Supply comparison is a fair one.

(I wanted to call the band "Recliner Christ" - but I was overruled, so perhaps we'll name one of our many future double platinum albums by this name. Alex, that sex/body parts/barn concept may become our "Dark Side of the Moon"...

As of the other day, I also own the rights to lunchboxofblood.com (once I figure out how to use it, and figure out the laws regarding licensing fees, copyright law, etc. maybe we'll sell stuff. Things people need - mugs, keychains, foam lobster claws, you name it.

Our unofficial mottos/catchphrases are "Easy on the Eyes, Hard on the Ears" and "Hate is only good if you share it" and of course, "Angry for '08" -it may not be until later 2009 until we are more versed in our craft, and since the world is blowing up in December of 2012 anyway, that gives us 3 years to rock.

Thank you and goodnight, unloosen.com !!!!!!!- be sure to tip your bartenders and wait staff - you've been a great audience.

Well played Cheech!!!
Love it!!!

Put this in your imagekind gallery. We have buyers!!!!!!

Imagekind this bastard!!!!
We have buyers!!!

dR. sATAN,

I think your CAPS LOCK key is on.

You may or may not realize that, as a Catholic, my tendency is to reject the bidding of the dark prince. If you ask kindly, however, I may be inclined to make this, or an even better version with text on Imagekind. This will have to wait until I get back to LA, though because my Pennsylvania Internet is slower than a buggy-load of Amish.

Also: Related reCAPTCHA -- "must Saints"


If the text says Lunchbox of Blood on it, then Lunchbox of Blood deserves points on the back end...

We haven't even played a live show yet, or any instrument properly for that matter, and already we're fighting with our label over compensation ;)

This is a tough business.

I guess the groupies make up for it, though...We'll take out our frustration on them, you know, in loving and tender (and sometimes messy) LOB style.

Chris, you know I'm kidding about the compensation - we're in the HBG anyway ("Horrible Band Guild) so I'm sure our union will take care of us...


You down wit HBG?


Sweet Lord!!!
I have died and gone to Lunchbox Heaven!!!!!!
Beat me, Pinch me!!!!
I need to know if it's for real....

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