Chris Featured on Imagekind Again

By Chris Leavens

So it goes. After the art show displaying my work was canceled last night, I was predictably bummed out. So it was nice to receive a mass email from Imagekind today that listed me as a featured artist:

Yes, I'm now in a gazillion inboxes. Seems as if the karmic wheel's been kind to me lately.

In case you forgot, my Imagekind store can be found here:


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Did you make that font? Because if so, you should sell that, too.

You help 'merica by facilitating consumption. (And I mean consumption in the capitalist sense, not the old-timey disease sense.)

Your work is awesome Chris, keep it up!

Wait, the art show was canceled? I drove all the way down there - so how did I end up with all these velvet paintings?

Rick? I think we need to talk...


Ed! The font "New Heterodyne Bold" is invented by me, Tesla! Chris' fees keep me in ball bearings, copper tubing and Clark bars. Savor the taste of failure, Germany!

Tesla, I studied on killing you. Studied on it quite a bit. But I reckon there ain't no need for it. You'll be dead soon enough.

Actually, you're already dead. We could call you Nicola Dead-la. Dead guys can't eat Clark or any other bars. That's all you are, is a dead guy with a chick's name.

The dead guys eat the Necro Wafers, yes.

Unless they are "Necco" wafers. In that case, my mistake.

Give Tesla credit: his cover of "Signs" was phenomenal.


Love is all around you.

Alex: That movie was not one of Shymalan's best. I didn't know Tesla remade it.

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