Amazing Acorns by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Siamese monster squirrels contemplate the power of the all-knowing acorn. (please help me come up with a punchline for this one -- Illustration Friday, topic: punchline)


On Thursday, Adriana and I set off for a relaxing vacation in bucolic east-central Pennsylvania. If you're going to be in the area or you are in the area, let me know and we will collude, drink beverages, and make fun of mustaches. DHL, I expect a basement concert and I'll be bringing prototypes of your logo. Sorry, no truck burritos.


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Worth the wait: Instant "effen" classic, and dat's da trooof!

This is a great new exploration of colour, and the placement of the foreground elements is something grand, too. The flashy acorn in the middle seems to hint at some sort of mid-century advertising aesthetic. Even if it's not supposed to, it looks damn good.

Something about the colours and the overall harmony of shapes makes this seem like a whole new direction, while at the same time, maintaining a flawless continuity with your overall body of work.

"...and Neemba said to Numoo, 'But isn't it likely to be cold there? In the space outside of all that we know?'

Numoo was caught flat by that one. He had never once thought to worry for the smaller, intelligent acorns that had masterminded the inanimate giant ones that had imprisoned them. Why worry about that which has enslaved you, after all?

His younger head was staring at him in a way that was respectful and yet which demanded an answer.

'Well, I suppose it would be very cold out there, especially if its actions toward us represent any manifestation of the place it calls home,' the elder head replied, perhaps more thoughtfully than he had originally intended.

Neemba thought about that for a moment and then said, 'Maybe we should invite it to our house, where it's warm. Maybe if we treat it nice, it will be our friend.'

'Or maybe it will mark the beginning of the end for our winter supply of Canadian Bacon,' thought Numoo; though he didn't say it to his other head.

From the acorn's perspective, the day was shaping up to be better than it had hoped..."

-- An excerpt from an alleged unused prototype for a "Bazooka Joe" comic, circa A.D. 4000.

A cornucopia of awesomeness!

"...Another reason why two headed furry kitty-skunk thingies should be neutered or spayed. Nobody likes an unexpected acorn!"

Ahh, le skunk de Pew! Le shriek! Sacre bleu!

today's reCAPTCHA: Memphis Curzon. Once again your wise, wise verifier has forced me to reconsider the prospective name of my firstborn.

Great illustration...and the only punchline I came up with is that the power in the acorn takes a nut to use a nut. Yeah, it's not that great.

This is really nice. Your characters and color choices are always top notch and this is no exception.

So this siamese monster walks into a bar...(that's as far as I could get, sorry) I love it though!

And hey I was recently informed that mustaches were in this a purely ironic way I'm sure.

Very cool. Really nice combo of quiet and loud colors. Great texture too, especially the floating acorn (my favorite part!).

I had Mongolian buffet for lunch, Moe's burrito for dinner, and this appeared in my dreams. Nice to know you were there too. By the way, if you've seen the one legged man, please tell him I have his tuba.

Not my joke:

A man walks into a psychiatrist's office with nothing but Sarah Wrap all over his body. The shrink said, "I can clearly see your nuts."


Angry acorns are the only acorns. Never forget.

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