If the Shoe Fits by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

The large-footed bird strode along happily in his new extra-wide loafers he picked up at the factory outlet store in Camarillo. (Illustration Friday, topic: wide)

I'm super busy this week, so I figured I'd just throw together a VERY quick ink & paper drawing this time around. It's too bad, because I'm in the planning stages for a piece that would've fit this topic perfectly.

So what's keeping me so busy? Tonight, I'm taking part in a group art show in downtown LA, so I've been prepping for the show for the last couple weeks, putting together promo materials, carting prints to the show location, and updating my portfolio site, which isn't quite done, but it's definitely informative enough and functional.


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There's some nice, bold lines here, actually. The rendition of the foreground loafer is very swell, too; in fact, I think I would like to see you do a series of shoe-based sketches to sprinkle in here-and-there. Seriously.

The art show, by the way, was substantially groovy. In some or most ways, it beat staying in and playing online shooters. My score at the end of the night wasn't as good, but the drinks were better than what is often found in a round of Medal of Honor...

I'm sorry I missed your performance art, Chris. I will have to get an update on it.

Alex, I'll always believe that the pinnacle of make-believe techno-warfare was reached with the M.A.S.K. toys and cartoons. As long as I have my imagination and an adequate number of M.A.S.K. and V.E.N.O.M. action figures and playsets, I won't have any need for viddy games.

I can see this fitting into a whole digital piece from your 'world'. Good luck with the show and if you send me a train ticket and keep it going for the month it takes me to get there I'll be there. Apart from that I guess you could take and post some pics...

Awesome response/post on my site! thanks...

Ed: I'd have to agree on the Mask toys. Even when my imagination won't step up, I can at least have endless fun cataloging all the accessory outfits for the Cher action figure.

I was always more of a Jem guy growing up, but I can relate, man.

Cher was quite good in Mask. That's what you guys are really getting at, right?

wow congratulations on the art show! i love the action you've portrayed using just lines. i wonder what kinda shoes he'll that bird will get next :) lol. great work!

Weaver: Yes, that movie where Cher's character buys Eric Stoltz's character a cool big rig to drive to school so the other kids won't make fun of his deformity.

The big rig had machines guns, rickets, and other nifty stuff, so the kids no doubt thought it was cooler than most of the things they'd seen up to that point.

Rockets. The big rig had rockets, not rickets.


Couldn't the big rig also transform into another vehicle, like a helicopter? Or did it turn into a giant robot that collected cubes and also fought other giant robots trying to kill Shia Lebouf?

I remember their other car was a red sports car whose doors flipped up, similar to a Delorean, and then it could fly.

1331 is probably my favorite cube. And there were no Muslims, Shia or Sunni, in Mask. You are thinking of a different movie.

Which reminds me, there are two types of movies: Ones in which Laura Dern plays a blind girl who appreciates the inner beauty of the tragic lead character, and ones in which she does not.

Jurassic Park counts in the first category (because it was about the dinosaurs all along), Blue Velvet is in the latter (the movie was all about inner madness, not beauty).

Hopefully, DHL, I have helped you to understand movies for the first time. Now you won't be complaining about film grain showing up in your Blu-Rays.

I like any cube... as long as it can be gleamed. This is what me and Cuffs do in our spare time.


Ed, I agree. Looking at that hideous, deformed monster from The Mask in 1080p is truly disturbing.

Her last album was awful as well. If only she could turn back time...


DHL: If she could turn back time, she might not do the music video for the song she sang with that mayor or governor from California (it was either Arnold or Ronnie Reagan, I think. Oh, it was Bono, duh). Singing "I Got You Babe" while eating a ham sandwich was kind of cruel. That swine had two hit movies, and she and Bono singing a duet with their mouths full of pork chops was just wrong, even for me.


Weave, She also did a duet with Beavis and Butthead. I think Beavis had rickets.

I think she was also involved (according to the National Enquirer) in that ski accident that tragically killed both Bono and a prominent mamber of America's Camelot family...

Karma is a strange thing.

Diddle the babysitter....you get hit by a tree trying to catch a football.

Go for a romantic campaign ride with one of your staffers (from Nanticoke, PA, by the way) and mistakenly drown her, you get to be a lifelong Senator, and NOT bang Marilyn Monroe like your brothers did.

Then, to add insult to injury, God cruelly tries to take you out with the "C" word (before the other "c" word, cirrhosis, had it's chance...)

I love politics. Where is Chuck Volpe when you need him? (hopefully Chris got that reference)

Worse is how we ALL ended up paying for the 1969 mistake beginning in 1981...

Now that I think about it, I don't think one would WANT to have "banged" Marilyn Monroe in 1969... Well, some people might've, I suppose, but she probably wouldn't have held up to too much of the banging.

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