Volcano by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

The peaceful mountain instinctually regressed to a more primitive state when it literally blew its top. Oh, and that's lava, not blood. (Illustration Friday, theme: primitive)

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This is really cool! Pretty amazing!

I like ... No. I LOVE the power and the passion of this piece. The change of tone towards the volcanoe's peak is rad. The sneaky bird that may be the true architect of all that commotion, peaking through the fabric of both TIME and SPACE is, perhaps, radder.

I also admire and respect your use of texture lines in the skies over the doomed burgh. Perhaps a subtle allusion to chem-trails? If so, you may be about to blow the lid off a conspiracy of some kind, much like the Andy Warhol wig has been blown off that edgy pop-artist of a volcanoe.

I love this - the drips, the volcano, the stars, the boomerang-shaped moon, the little bird behind the flames, the mountains, the colours, the whole picture - wonderful illustration!

Love your work! Very cool illo!

This reminds me of a Leslie West concert I went to...

(also - I like that you weren't afraid to use a deeper shading than usual on this one)

great style! I love the expression on the mountain's face! very nice coloring and shading!

Serves those city planners right for building so close to an active volcano.

It's just great! I really like it

your illustrations are always great and always make me smile -- and this one is no exception! it's very imaginative and FUN!

oh wow chris! another brilliant piece! i so love the colors and all the action going on there

Great, great stuff! : )

Once again, thanks for all the comments. You are all, as Alex says, "rad."

This picture can be classified as skrong. That's right, with a K. Although it's more than a little sad to see the boomerang-shaped moon get burned. One of the very icons of '50s lounge culture deserves better treatment. Chris, how long shall you kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look?

Your illos amaze me! I love them and this is especially great!


I suspect Chris will continue to lay low divers prophets for as long as he and others, perhaps even "some," say it's a part of "it."

He's got to fulfill the book, after all.

All I ever had: boomerang-shaped moon.

Moon of freedom.

It's a boomerang moon after all, Ed. It'll be back...

wow! impressive! i love the patterns you included where it would normally be a solid color. KUDOS!

Eddie Murphy made a movie called "Boomerang". Hal Linden was not in it. Good move, Hal.

Fun illustration and excellently executed. I like the perspective, the vibrant colors and good expression. Love the teeth! Terrific work.

wow, he is completely tremendous!! and i love the little birdie in the corner!

a : )

Absolutely awesome piece here. You crammed in so much detail, it's amazing. I love how there's lava dripping off the moon, and the background itself is burning. Great shapes and textures too.

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