Featured Member

By Chris Leavens

Today I woke up to find that I'd been chosen by Imagekind as a featured member. Given the fact that they host hundreds (maybe thousands?) of artists, this is somewhat of an honor. Check it out:


See the front page, which includes my goofy mug: imagekind.com
Visit my corner of imagekind, which now features even more of my stuff, including the best of IAD 1 & IAD 2: chrisleavens.imagekind.com


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Congrats, brother!

Very cool Chris. Your work is great; this is well deserved.

Chris -
Congrats on your being featured. Same thing happened to me a couple of days ago. I'm very impressed with your work.


You're nothing without me.

Oh! This is simply stratospheric!! If I weren't feeling so muddled in or about the head right now, I COULD REALLY TELL YOU!!!

(As it is, I think I will say that it continues, even after the above, to be oh-so-fine, like dandelion wine.)

Wouldn't it be cool if this enabled you to sell sixteen-million prints, perhaps even of the largest sizes? Imagine! Why, this one time, at Illustration-A-Day Camp...

clearly well deserved, congratulations!

Ain't gonna lie. You are a sexy, sexy man.

Hey, thanks everybody.

Weav-- um, I mean, Mr. Chompins: your presence here frightens me.

Kendall: Believe it or not, my 24 hours on the Imagekind front page actually earned me a date request from a young lady. But, as you know, a sexy Chris is also a happily married Chris.

Can I be a featured member of Unloosen? I have been described many times in print as zexxy.

Chris - My existence pretty much frightens people. Mr. Chompins picks and chooses when to appear, so yeah, he's more of a presence-frightener.

Ed - You are a featured member of society. And perhaps you can add Unloosen Featured Member to your life resume if Awareness Month returns.

Also, that is awesomely awesome in regards to the Imagekind kudos! Now, is that graphic an actual ID badge that they send you? If not, they should make that happen, because I think it would rule if you could whip out a card that has you pic on it that says, "Featured Member".

Congrats on being featured but I've got to call BS. I think the "POW!" may have been added later in an attempt to make it seem more special. Perhaps maybe just the arrow.

That actually may be some type of aura photograph, Wargo. Occasionally, the word "Ka-kow" floats close to my head in certain types of photographic prints. "Gifted" and "sensitive" types (gingers and the like) sometimes can see it faintly without special visual aids. On good days, lines of majesty also appear.

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