Hang It Up by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

So he decided to pay homage to his town-stomping ancestors by hanging a picture in an appropriate location. (Illustration Friday -- theme: homage)

For the past few weeks, I've started drawings that coincidentally fit the IF weekly theme. Strange.

Prints available via Imagekind, if anyone feels inclined to add this to their wall or office/cubicle space.


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Haha! That's fantastic! Love the town-stompin' ancestor's hairstyle :)

Love the holes in the walls. Lots of fun details.

Tonight I watched a documentary on Okie Noodlers which reminded me that there are ways of being that I had not ever conceived of and yet which are as valid and storied as anything from a book about that kind of thing; one written in big fat words by some college guy.

Like that exposé on handfisherman, this fine new piece reminds us all that the fabric of what we call "all that out there" is perhaps only the most tenuous membrane that shields us from the knowledge of the infinite, and which manages to do so only because of our collective unwillingness to define -- to "frame" -- a rigorous new system of notion-challenging beliefs.

Were we to decide on these bold challenges to embrace new truths, we could well become like Great Hirksom here and we could begin to break through that Third Wall...


I likes the colours and the sense of roundness on Great Hirksom. The pink is of a dusty variety that I like because it makes me think of ballet slippers and shock-violinist Emilie Autumn. Her music is kind of hit-or-miss for my tastes, but she sure is dreamy...

You so verily brought your "A" game for this one.

Nice job. Lovely colors and your use of light and shade really give the illustration life. Fun take on the theme!

i always love your illustrations, chris. they're brilliant and have a lot of humor in them. your color choice is great too

Cool stuff, as always.

With the matching patterns on the monster and mountains, along side the fact that this is a weekly thing, an alternative title could have been, "Seven Day Zig Zag".

another totally awesome one.

This is truly wonderful! Nice work!

this is quite faboo, i must say!! love the colors, and glad your monster has a sense of aesthetics!

a : )

Man, that Zig Zag comment was uncalled for. FLASHBACKS!

Thanks to everyone who took time to stop by and comment.

Wow, there is so much cool stuff going on in this image! Great work!

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